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Employee health is more than a personal matter - it is also a significant business issue that directly affects your profitability. Ultimate Health Matters offers turnkey comprehensive wellness solutions focused on your employees' physical, mental, spiritual, and financial "health." Our services help you manage healthcare costs - both direct and "hidden" - by motivating employees to make healthy lifestyle changes.

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Welcome to the updated website for Ultimate Health Matters! We want to be your wellness program resource and partner to help your employees make healthier choices. To make it easier for you and your employees to find the information you need, we've streamlined our navigation and enriched our content - including our new MyUltimateHealth wellness portal. Now registered employees can login to their personal page with access a comprehensive library of information and interactive tools. We are also committed to helping you stay current with the latest news in all areas of body, mind, spiritual, and financial wellness.

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Whole-Sum Approach

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Just as your company as a whole is made up of valuable employees, every employee is a whole being: a holistic sum of interacting facets that influence a person's overall wellness. The balance between a person's Mind, Body, Spirit and Prosperity determines how an individual functions each and every day, and contributes to the value they bring to their work, family and community.
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