Ultimate Health Matters offers your business the flexibility to provide corporate work-site and/or online wellness programs scalable to fit your employees' needs and locations. Our Best Practice-based programs combine a hands-on approach with credible health information and integrated health management tools, providing your employees with a single, comprehensive and reliable resource to learn about and motivate a change to healthier lifestyle behaviors.

Ultimate Health Matters recognizes that the most effective wellness solution consists of:

  • Awareness
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Supportive environment programs
  • Policies and activities that target risk behaviors
  • Needs and interests of your employees

Ultimate Health Matters brings our Best Practice programs to
your location, presented and supervised by our supportive team
of wellness experts. Onsite programs may include:

  • Wellness Survey to assess employees' health status and risks.
  • Biometric Screenings performed at your worksite to measure cholesterol (HDL/LDL),
    glucose, triglycerides, blood pressure and body composition.
  • Personalized Wellness Coaching beginning immediately with the receipt of test results and providing group
    and one-on-one motivational support.
  • Educational seminars and lifestyle change programs, employee newsletters, motivational challenges, and other wellness services.
  • Analysis of Claim Data to identify where excess healthcare costs occur.
  • Worksite Checkup to evaluate the worksite environment for changes to support healthy choices and behaviors.

    Our turnkey wellness portal, available in English and Spanish versions, offers employees an engaging, interactive place to live healthier 24-7, 365 days a year! Registered employees can use their personal home page to access a comprehensive library of health information and interactive tools to:

    • Assess their personal health risks with confidential Health Risk Assessments (HRA).
    • Learn how to manage their risks for stress, obesity, smoking, diabetes, heart disease and other behavior-influenced conditions with action-oriented Wellness Centers.
    • Engage in online health improvement programs including action plans, reinforcement messages and reminders.