What is Wellness?

Wellness is the outcome of the choices each person makes every minute of every day to improve the quality of life.

Ultimate Health Matters provides flexible corporate work-site and online programs, supported by our website's comprehensive information and resources, to equip employees with the knowledge and incentive to make the right choices - on and off the job.

Our wellness program services offer significant benefits for your business.

Preventive Healthcare

Today's rising healthcare costs demand an emphasis on preventive measures. More than half of healthcare-related costs are attributable to lifestyle issues and health behaviors; yet, more than 70% of chronic diseases (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease) are preventable with the right balance of physical activity and nutrition.

Through creative and innovative workplace wellness solutions, Ultimate Health Matters focuses on preventive measures to reduce the need for reactive healthcare by getting and keeping your workforce healthy. As a result, direct healthcare costs will decline, as will absenteeism and turnover.

Employee Productivity

Employees are fragile business assets. Healthier employees are happier and more productive, in turn increasing overall company morale and attendance - a win-win for all!

At Ultimate Health Matters, we also recognize the importance of reaching the family as part of the corporate wellness solution. The workplace reinforces healthier choices and is the model for family health at home.

Competitive Advantage

With a shrinking workforce and increased costs from turnover, retaining and recruiting the right talent is crucial. Wellness programs demonstrate a company's investment in, and commitment to, the health of employees and their families.

Strengthening your recruitment efforts by offering a corporate wellness solution from Ultimate Health Matters can be a valuable tool in attracting top employees. Remember, preventive healthcare is one of the greatest benefits you can offer your employees.